Organic products, such as whole grain pies, bread rolls, and gluten-free seed bread. Tinned fish products, Finnish cold-smoked salmon, and salted milk-cap mushrooms.

Vuosnaisten Meriasema

Tasty Finnish fish products for the holiday table, including fennel perch, lemon pike, sea buckthorn salmon, and archipelago style bread

Teivon Liha

Teivon Liha is a traditional meat house, selling cured purebred meat, pork, and lamb, and when available, also horse meat products.

Suomen Herkkukauppa

Traditional delicacies like lingonberry glühwein, tinned reindeer and venison, reindeer salami, coconut balls, and reindeer crisps.

Stadin Tarhaajat ja Hunajafrendit

The Helsinki beekeeper association brings out glass jars with neighbourhood honey varieties from around the city, as well as honey mustard, honey glühwein, beeswax candles, and other honey products.


Sarfvik is known for their signature archipelago style bread, and date cake.


Finnish herring and Baltic herring products, berry and garlic superfoods, crushed garlic, devilish sauces, and flavoured honey.

Ruoveden Herkut

Homemade mustards, sea buckthorn juice and jams, archipelago style bread, and other treats from the coastal regions.


A game dealer of high quality Finnish moose, roe deer, white-tailed deer, and fallow deer meat, as well as beef, reindeer, and cured products.