Reuse Center’s Christmas Workshop

The Christmas Workshop by Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Center is full of ecological and unique Christmas presents. Not only is the cabin a heaven for all hobby craft lovers, but also filled with interior decor articles, clothes and accessories. Have a seat, use your creativity and make the most beautiful Christmas cards with your own hands! The free workshop can hold up to 8 people at a time and is open non-stop. On weekdays at 3–5 p.m. the workshop has guidance.


Wästikivi mines and manufactures traditional sharpening stones from foot rasps to nail files.


A Finnish family company producing high quality, trendy headwear from 100% merino wool since 1975.


Based on clean, environmentally sound beekeeping and natural production, Viitahunaja’s market selection includes honey products like sauna honey scrub, soaps, and candles.

Vieno puustjärvi

Hand-painted wooden jewellery.

Verso Design

A family business making happy everyday delights, such as practical utensils and decorative items like baskets and coasters.

Valle Design

Inspired by Nordic nature – water, snow, ice, and forest – as well as culture, Valle Design’s sterling silver jewellery is handmade in Finland.

Hand-printed pillow cases with nature motifs.

Tuulikki Kaarmila, Marita Strandberg and Nana Haldén

A handicraft trio also known from the summertime Market Square. A wide assortment of wool socks, beanies, gloves, scarves, and other handmade products.


A selection of handmade Christmas decorations of bark and clay: Christmas stars, baskets, and boxes, as well as Santa Claus, snowman, angel, animal, and elf figures.