Kalliomäen tila

Kalliomäen tila is an organic farm producing high-quality lamb and wool products. The farm has registered Niittykaritsa as a brand for their meat and wool products to signify that their sheep roam and take care of culturally significant biotype meadows. The farm is run by a young and innovative couple who aim to be the forerunners in Finnish sheep farming. Ethical production functions as a guideline for the company, the sheep are treated well throughout their lives and the production makes use of all parts of the animal as efficiently as possible. 

Just about any cut and meat product are sold here: minced lamb, lamb salami (chorizo, garlic, and original), sausages (bratwurst, chorizo, and Christmas frankfurters), smoke-cured leg of lamb, smoked cold cuts, and more. Wool products include sheepskins, knitting yarn and socks, beanies, scarves, and sweaters, all from the farm’s own beloved animals.