Experience the Christmas Sauna

At the Helsinki Christmas Market there are two lovely food courts with Finland’s top-notch restaurants offering seasonal menus and drinks. The carefully selected vendors sell Finnish crafts, design and delicacies. But what is outstanding and unique to the Helsinki Christmas Market? You can have a real Finnish experience in wooden heated unisex Sauna in the middle of the Senate Square!

Sauna-goers can step out to cool off while taking in the splendor of the Helsinki Cathedral rising over the square. The wood-heated sauna is managed by a Finnish sauna master to ensure a right temperature, good spirit and a peaceful atmosphere. As cooling drinks are a crucial part of the sauna experience, the sauna yard will host a Christmas Sauna Bar run by Helsinki Distilling Company.

Sauna is an essential part of the identity and culture in Finland, so take a deep dive to the Finnish culture with this unforgettable sauna experience!

The Christmas Sauna is open Wed–Fri 15–20 and Sat–Sun 14–19
Sauna fee is 5 euros and it includes a towel