Kekri Finnish Street Food

Kekri Finnish Street Food is creating a completely new Finnish street food genre, and the Helsinki Christmas Market audiences will be treated to, for example, a modern take on the traditional Karelian pasty. Kekri also sells their homemade delicacies to go.

Kekri Finnish Street Food Menu

Reindeer in potato
Fermented potato bread, smoked reindeer, dried reindeer heart, buttermilk fluid gel, goat cheese, fermented and pickled lingonberries.

It’s all about the cabbages
Toasted sourdough bread, toasted and caramelised cabbage, pickled red cabbage, crispy black cabbage, kale emulsion and kale oil.

Karelian pasty 2019
Fried rice porridge, crispy rye coating, egg butter foam, toasted whey, egg yolk cream and cured egg yolk.

Forest porridge
Rice porridge, gooseberry compote and brown butter.

Rye & fry
Finnish rye churros, sea buckthorn berry sugar and liquorice sauce.

Plus mulled wines, hot chocolate and Finnish craft beers and ciders.