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Beautiful, useful and tasty!

We design and manufacture the Elma B range from honey and beeswax. At the same time, we manage bees in northern Satakunta, which means we get the main raw materials from our own apiary.

Honey, cosmetics and candles are made in the former village shop in the yard. We keep our products simple, incorporating only the active ingredients. In other words, there are no artificial flavours, smells or preservatives in our products. You can find the exact content labels on our website for each product, and of course on the sales packaging.

We are professionally qualified beekeepers. It goes without saying that we work with respect for nature and bees. Wooden hives, a clean environment, short distances between hives and, above all, good and professional care of the animals are all part of the package. Our care does not include moving hives for better yields, providing pollination or pesticide services for bees, or medicating bees.

We produce artesan honey. The flavour of honey comes from the medeness of the crop, so we pay particular attention to the environmental flora of the hives. We link, store and finally can honey according to the different honey collection environments. In this way, we obtain different and different tasting honey every year.


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