98. Tenon Luonnontuote

Image: Mikael Kunnari


Tenon Luonnontuote is a small family business based in Nuorgam, Utsjoki. Reindeer meat is obtained from their own toka. The reindeer graze freely in the pure Lapland nature of Kaldoaiv, which gives the reindeer meat an unforgettable taste. We produce our products in accordance with tradition. We dry our meat with the power of the fjord winds and smoke our cold-smoked products with 40 years of experience.

Our customers’ favourites are cold-smoked meat and reindeer meat products. This is where we stand out the most from other manufacturers. The demand for new reindeer salami products has also increased every year and we are very proud of the excellent taste of our reindeer salami products. The idea of canned reindeer came from the fact that we wanted to have quality canned reindeer products for our own use. We also love fishing, so we had to get the fish in the cans.

Our customers appreciate the high quality and taste of our products. Our products are perfect as gifts because of their good shelf life.

Welcome to taste our products!


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