Experience Finland in Helsinki Christmas Market

You don’t always have to go up North to explore Finnish Christmas: Helsinki has a lot of unique Finnishness going on and now you can feel all of it in Helsinki Christmas Market. The market is a one-of-a-kind possibility to eat Finnish handmade delicacies, buy traditional crafts and meet the locals who prepare them in person.

Helsinki has many lovely restaurants and now you can experience some of the best ones in Helsinki Christmas Market. The dishes vary, but what perseveres, is quality. Most of the food cooked at the spot is traditional Finnish Christmas cuisine with seasonal ingredients and creative twists. You can also buy handmade local food, like traditional pastries, ethically produced meat (reindeer for starters) and Finnish fish.

If you yearn for Christmas presents or for homecoming gifts, then Helsinki Christmas Market is the place to be. The artisans selling their products in the market have been chosen with values such as locality, ethicality and individuality. Most of the products are made by the people who sell them: the vendors genuinely want to offer the market visitors unique products they will cherish for years to come. For the Nordic design lovers the market also offers trendy possibilities: Ivana Helsinki’s design clothes have recognisable patterns and cuts with Scandinavian-Slavic-Americano vibes and Makia’s warm clothes have a stylish and fresh Nordic look.

Santa Claus lives in Northern Finland, but wants to spend time in Helsinki Christmas Market every day – it’s a great place for him to meet people and hear what they’ve been up to. You can find him in his own little cottage and go say hi!