Linda Bergroth – Designer of New Traditions

Helsinki Christmas Market’s renewal in 2014 didn’t go unnoticed by locals. Linda Bergroth, renowned for such projects as the KOTI Sleepover installation, designed the new visual identity and spatial design concept with the aim to create a space for locals and travellers to spend time with friends and family at an atmospheric market environment.

“The colour palette for the wooden cabins at Helsinki Christmas Market was chosen from the buildings surrounding the Senate Square. A Dutch antique carousel was placed at the heart of the market and the cabins circulate it symmetrically.”

The layout is based on the symmetry of the Senate Square and its surroundings, famously created by the architect Carl Ludvig Engel.

“We wanted to create an annual Christmas tradition for the city and its locals which would also interest travellers, and we’re happy to see that this really has happened.”

Improvements for this Christmas season

Year by year Helsinki Christmas Market aims to become an altogether enjoyable experience for the market goers. This is done by listening to the feedback and wishes of the visitors themselves. In 2016 the market featured more sheltered bar spaces as well as Santa Claus’ own cabin. The visitors will of course run into improvements this Christmas as well: for the first time there will be a stage for events and performances in the middle of the Senate Square, right next to the statue of Alexander II. Also, the entire market layout has been modified for better circulation which makes it easier to find one’s way to the many treats and the mulled wine served at the Christmas Market.

“The new entrances in each corner of the market will be highlighted, and on the Aleksanterinkatu side illumination will be added to link the event as a natural continuation of the atmospheric Christmas of the historical centre of Helsinki, Tori Quarters”, Linda describes.