ProLocalis Small Producers

ProLocalis Small Producers gives the opportunity for small producers to take part at the Helsinki Christmas Market. The producer at the stall will change every few days, so make sure to visit often! There will be delicious treats from the local small producers.

Åbo Foods 1.-2.-12.
Organic handmade crackers

Pakuri 1.-4.12.
Chaga mushroom products

Järki Särki 1.-4.12.
Fish products and honey

Taisto Pehkonen 5.-8.12.

Markku Tuominen 5.-8.12
Wooden sculptures

Pikkumustat – Avidas 5.-7.12.
Handicrafts and accessories

Lahjaliike Carlina 5.-7.12.
Handicrafts and wreaths

Lapin Gourmetkokit & Lapin Marjat 8.-18.12.
Selection of reindeer meats, cold pressed juices, sauces, jams and glögi

Linnan Marenki 9.-12.
Artisan meringue and other delicacies

Laidun Hereford 10.-12. + 19.12.
Meat, sausages and conserves

Anjan Luontoherkku 13.-15.12.
Licorice, toffee, quinoa chocolate and marmalade

Frimans Diversehandel 13.-15.12.
Cheeses, jams and other  delicacies

Saija Lehtonen Design 16.-19.12.
Jewellery made out of natural materials like fish skin and  moose trotter

Ekoru / Laura Saarivuori-Eskola 16.-19.12.

Malmgård 16.-19.12.
Products from their own mill and other delicacies

Herrakunnan lammas 16.-19.12.
Skins, yarn, meat, sausages and conserves

Hanko Green House 20.-22.12.
Christmas cookie houses, candles, bread, pies and conserved vegetables

Makumarja 20.-22.12.
Organic delicacies made of berries – drinks, jams, infusions

Lilla Skärgårdsbageriet, Sommaröstrand 20.-22.12.
Traditional Chrismas dishes, mustards, wild mushrooms and Christmas pastries

Viltgården 20.-22.12.
Game meat products