Restaurant Nolla

Zero waste Restaurant  Nolla was just awarded as the restaurant of the year by a food and wine magazine Glorian Ruoka ja Viini. Restaurant Nolla offers Nordic flavors with a modern twist at the Helsinki Christmas Market and they bring their own composter to the Market, of course.


Mushroom waffles

Sourdough waffles, onion relish, roasted Helsieni oyster mushrooms

Sweet waffles

Sourdough waffles, cream, honey and meadowsweet

Duck leg potato rieska 

Duck leg rillete, sunflower seed praline, charred cabbage and preserved greens

Smoked fish potato rieska 

Smoked bream, sour cream, charred cabbage, preserved greens

Vegetable potato rieska

Gobbas Gård broad bean cream, charred cabbage, roasted winter roots, preserved greens

Christmas sweet

Buttermilk and berry pies



Red Glög

Hot red vermouth glög

Sweet red wine based glög infused with 20 different wild herbs

White glög

Hot Apple glög seasoned with dill and caraway

Organic Wine