Sauna in the heart of the Christmas Market

Finnish sauna culture and public saunas in Helsinki are experiencing a revival, with global interest. For the past four years, the Christmas sauna hosted in the City Hall courtyard, at the Tori Quarters, has delighted visitors and locals alike with the joys of the Finnish sauna spreading around the world from the United States to Asia. The steamy coziness brings a sense of peace and goodwill that can now be experienced right in the heart of the Christmas Market.

Sauna-goers can step out to cool off while taking in the splendour of the Helsinki Cathedral rising over the square. The woodheated sauna is determinedly managed by the local sauna officer Kari Virtanen to ensure a good spirit and a peaceful atmosphere. As cooling drinks are an essential part of the sauna experience, the sauna yard will host a Christmas Sauna Bar run by two famed Finnish beverage houses, Kyrö Distillery and Ruosniemen Brewery.

The sauna fits 15 people and following the Finnish sauna culture, there are no separate slots for men and women but instead, everyone is welcome to mix in. The sauna works on a first come first serve basis as no bookings will be taken. The bathing fee of 5 euros includes a towel, a personal seat cover and 1h of sauna time. The Sauna yard has separate changing rooms and light washing up is possible.