Taste the Christmas

Helsinki Christmas Market prides itself on haute Christmas cuisine with the best restaurants in town popping up on the market with their holiday menus – a rare treat on a European level. The Food Court’s main restaurants need no introductions for locals: the Restaurant of the Year 2017 Restaurant Grön and the gem of Kallio district Kolmon3n will serve a wonderful array of seasonal flavours.

The restaurants at the market have rethought the way food can be enjoyed outdoors and also found a modern twist to traditional Christmas food. The combination and the unique setting is all in all delicious! Such exciting dishes as Social Food Street Burgerjoint’s ’trash fish burger’, Restaurant Grön’s meat and veggie savoury pastries with rhubarb ketchup and spruce tips and Cafe Rantakivi’s lobster-salmon soup are served in addition to traditional rice pudding, sausages and cinnamon buns. The Helsinki Christmas Market is the place for new food traditions, a high-quality Christmas burger doesn’t sound crazy at all!

Helsinki food culture is flourishing, the clean seasonal ingredients and traditional Finnish dishes have sparked interest internationally. Helsinki Christmas Market is a great place to find it all.

Finns look for quality when its time to fill the Christmas table with treats and seasonal delicacies. Helsinki Christmas Market is the place to find it all: traditional Carelian pasties from Anna-Liisa Sorsa’s hut, herring pate from Blue Saimaa, date cake from Restaurant Kaarti, sea buckthorn-ginger jelly from Sahlgrenska and rum- and whiskey mustard from Saariston Marjaherkut.

The Food Court is not only filled with versatile food options but also with an array of exciting beverages such as craft beers, biodynamic wines and a variety of different mulled wines. The table is set, come experience the tastes of Christmas!