The Whole Finland at the market

In the 133 huts at the Helsinki Christmas Market, you can meet micro producers and entrepreneurs who come from all over Finland. Southern Finland is represented well: 75 vendors come from the area, 46 from Helsinki alone. The 13 restaurants of the Food Courts come from four different municipalities, also mainly from Southern Finland.

The northernmost vendor comes from Kolari: Tapio Ovaskainen sells jewellery and knives at this years market. The southernmost representative comes from Hanko: Orrest Eterneller has a selection of unique handmade Christmas decorations such as wreaths. Joutsa, a town of 4600 residents, is the smallest municipality that has more than one seller: Jukolan Juusto renowned for their Finnish cheddar and Design Pylsy who sells clothing, accessories and other design items.

Each hut at the Helsinki Christmas Market sells different items. For many entrepreneurs the Helsinki Christmas Market is the most important event of the year: nearly a third of the year’s sales comes from the market. Many of the self-employed craftswomen and craftsmen spend the months prior to the market, or even the whole year, preparing products to keep their shelves full throughout the three weeks when the market is in full swing.

The Helsinki Christmas Market is open until 8 pm on Friday the 22nd of December.